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Currently building up 91 EF, thoughts, comments and advice!!

So I picked up a brand new fully loaded 1991 Honda Civic DX 4DR a few weeks ago. Fortunately this was a CA car so there's no rust and it was only owned by one person, who looks to have treated the car pretty fairly.

Good Stuff:
-5-speed manual
-manual steering rack
-very clean, in and out
-original engine still running strong (180,XXX miles) no smoking or noises
-very few problems of any sort

Bad Stuff:
-Power nothing (but that's actually what I wanted with this project)
-a few door dings here and there
-rear of the roof paint is fading
-all the window moldings on the outside are fading, peeling and ugly
-stock radio cuts in and out
-only came with two speakers, both of which are blown
-blower resistor is bad
-back light in the cluster is out

So here's what she looks like

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

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So the first task was to fix the blower. Bought a new blower resistor for about $20, removed the glove box and replaced it.

Total repair time: 5 minutes
Total repair cost: approximately $20.00

Blower now works on a four speeds.

Next task was to replace the factory radio and those blown out front speakers and add two more speakers in the rear.

Picture of the Kenwood Audio Deck, nice thing about this is it has the inputs for USB and 3.5mm audio jack on the front. Plus it looks pretty plain and simple so it goes well with the retro 90's stock interior.

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The speakers I used were just so decent Kenwood Audio 6.5 rounds. Nothing special, they cost about $35 for two.

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The rear speakers are not finished yet. I need to make an adapter for the speaker to bolt to instead of screwing directly to the hatch cover.

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For the rear speakers I still have to make a adapter plate from MDF to better mount the speakers in the housing and allow the magnets to not interfer with the trunk rods. I will post pictures of them once they are finished. This setup is just temporary so I have some tunes for cruising. Also I post more pictures of the install, I just happened to replace all this stuff before I thought to take pictures.

Total repair time: about 45 minutes
Total repair cost: approximately $260.00

After checking the fluids I noticed the valve cover gasket was leaking on the distributor's side, so I went ahead and replaced that too. Not surprisingly the valvetrain isn't so clean but doesn't look too bad for 180K. I have doubts that this engine will stay in the car for long regardless.

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Repair time: 20 minutes
Total repair cost: $25 (gasket and RTV)

So I want to replace these moldings around the windows since all the paint has peeled off or is fading badly but I don't really know where to get them. Either the lower piece which now appears chrome or the black pieces around the windows

Uploaded with

If anyone know of a good source for these please let me know.

Also I'm in need of a passenger side mirror but I want to stay with manual mirrors. I've search but can't find any, if you know of a place to source mirrors too that'd be great. I don't mind replacing both the driver's side and passenger's side mirrors with aftermarket but I've only seen the spoon and spoon knock-off mirrors and I don't like that style too much. Post up some pics of mirrors if you have any suggestions.

Next on the list of things to do:
-Replace the DX rpm'less cluster with an Si cluster, the cluster is being shipped, expect updates to follow this week.

-Drop it!
I've ordered a set of Progress CS II coil-overs (350/250 street) but unfortunately they will not be coming for 5-8 weeks at least.  Crying or Very sad
-And add the Progress rear sway bar (as my DX came without one)

Future plans:
-Rear disc conversion (currently searching for a local set at a good price)
-S.S lines for front and rear
-40/40 proportioning valve
-EX front spindles, S200 front calipers, brackets and re-drilled RSX front rotors
-15/16 master cylinder

That car looks pretty mint... Small problems are expected with our ef's... Good start  Cool
Doctor Tease

Looks like a really good start you've got.  And good thinking with the back speakers, I wish the previous owner of my car took better care to not interfere with the trunk rods.  Because of that, they are both bent quite a bit, it is unfortunate.  But keep the build thread going, I can't wait to see what you do with this.

Welcome looks like a good start and some good plans for it.

nice. this thing is clean.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Looks to be in good condition considering the miles.  I would hit up your local junk yard(s).  You'll eventually find a passenger side mirror.  As far as the window trim, I don't know where you'll find mint OE replacements.  However you can just peel back and then paint (black).

What wheels are you going with?

I like the side mirror deleted. Does it have a sedan block off plate, or just not attached?

The car does look really clean and taken care of. Looks like you got yourself a good candidate for super fresh daily driver.

The car was never equipped with a p/s mirror so it has the block off plate on the interior and exterior.

I might just get a wrap around rear view mirror so I don't always have to turn my head lol.

Mails here!

Total Repair time: 20 minutes
Total Repair cost: $65.00


So clean. So detailed

nice updates car looks clean.

Nice addition looks good.
EF Sedan Enthusiast


x1736622728 on being detailed and clean like it . welcome looking forward with updates

For what is light next to seat blet? i can't see on pic very well..  Smile

Very clean. I would suggest paint the wheels black. It will look like a project and not a regular car

Looks great so far man!
What'd you use to remove the window sills black paint? Forum Index -> Project Logs
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