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Crx problems...

So if you guys remember my Crx that i picked up about 2 months ago. Well, i have been lazy for the past 2 months and our weather hasnt been the greatest(excuse).  Any who, come to find out, my car used to be an auto and the old lazy ass fukk owner did a 5 speed swap. Apparently he left the old auto ecu in there and  its in limp mode and finally fried giving out a code 27. It wont let me go past 4k and my CEL light is on. Its runs and drives fine minus the ECU prob. Im praying that this is the problem... if you guys can give me anytype of advice or things to check out b4 buyin a new ecu, i would love that....

the car did have a multi-port swap but i guess he decided to keep that and wired up the DP very janky...

My car is running a d15b2


So buy an ecu and fix all the problems. What else is there to say? lol

what ecu is it? Forum Index -> General Discussion
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