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CRX dash

Hey guys, i'm hopefully buying an 89 JDM ED CRX. It's factory b16a powered but the body is absolutely beat to shit.
Really low km motor and so on though with tidy interior.

So my plan is to drop the motor, subframe etc and all. I'll be putting the motor and subframe, control arms and brakes all as one unit straight in to my 1991 sedan. Same goes for rear brakes and potentially the suspension and recaros. Not sure if CRX fuel tank will swap in or not since it's a baffled tank, I'll be going from carb to EFI.

Anyway, since I'll have the full wiring harness from the CRX, I was wondering if it's possible to put the entire dash from the CRX in to my sedan. Eyeing it up, they look like they're virtually the same interior size.
This would be handy so the cluster and so on can connect to the crx loom instead of having to chop and splice wires.
Plus the CRX center console is nice how it faces the driver.

If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be super handy!
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U can swap the crx dash over but u have to shave down the back portion a bit for it to fit, U also need to shave the bracket off the metal bad under the dash, Use the crx dash harness and the steering column covers i think. There is going to be a slight gap in between the windshield and dash and u need the crx center console brackets, ebrake cover and center console
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Theres mine


can it just plug in or you have to mess with all the wiring
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Just plugs right in Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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