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crx dash swap guide

first write up ever
bare with me i'll do the best i can...

this is how i put the crx dash in my 4 door civic.(this will require some general know how)

first take the dash out very carefully. i can't tell you where all the bolts are but take the glove box off and look around i think theres a few behind it and 2 or 3 on the other side. oh and theres one in the center on the sure to get the ten mm bolt behind the ignition that holds the ground wire to the dash harness....if you yank this out your going to have some wiring trouble...(sorry i didnt get pics of this, it's right behind where the ignition is and up, lay on the floor and look up....i took my drivers side seat out to allow for more room.) undo all the bolts take your steering wheel off, i pushed mine all the way off and loosened the two bolts to lower it as far as possible. once the bolts are out wiggle the dash out. should look like this

yay.... half way there lol....look on the drivers side for a bracket that looks like this
cut it'll need to do this to clear space for the jap tray lol
take your crx dash and set it up on something...i used a trash can.. get out a grind wheel( honestly don't know the proper name for this thing)

you have to shave off the lip. start in the middle slowly and work your way out every few feet you will want to stop and test fit your dash to see if the bolt holes line up. mine is shaved to about six inches or so in from the edge of the vent where the red lines are..., but like i said go slow and test fit often.....
lets skip to the brackets real quick remove the bracket right in front of the gear shift and at the base of the center consle here's a picture of the one from the civic and the one from the crx

you may have to cut your carpet to get these to fit right<br />

once those are bolted in lets hop over to the wiring harness. i used my ex harness, just remove the harness carefully and put it on the crx dash it's very easy as long as you pay attention.

oh ya you will want to remove your old vin and have it put on your dash. i just drilled the one off the crx dash. then broke the plastic around mine on the old dash then i heated the holes on the crx dash and pushed it through..there's other ways that are better, but that's up to you
here's a pic of the two dashes side by side.  anyone can see why the crx is more favorable

well now that your crx dash is wired up, the bracket is cut to make clearance for the jap tray, lip is cut, dash is able to line up to all bolt holes and brackets that mount to the frame are swapped you can bolt the new dash in....don't forget to reconnect the ground wire...oh ya the bolt on the center at the top i did not put back in, i took some thick 3m double sided tape and put it inbetween the dash and the frame there that way i didnt risk cracking the dash by cuttin to make it so the bolt fits you'll see what i mean....don't worry its snug and doesn't squeak at all. well bolt it all up sit back and look at your new crx dash in your four door civic...

<br />
If anyone can help make this write up better feel free i just want to get something out there to help anyone that might have questions

how cool do all the vents work? with out leaks?

sure do  Very Happy Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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