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Couple videos of my 89

Nothing too special

you SOB!
I kept telling my self "I'm not swapping the D, I'm not swapping the D".... and you go and post this sh^t!  NOW I WANNA SWAP IT LMAO!

good vids man! good vids.

Haha, it's soo much fun having a sleeper sedan man. If i was gonna swap again I'd go B20vtec.

good combo for a future swap.great much HP to the wheels?THE PERFECT SLEEPER JDM TYPE R K20/24 BEAST STOCK JDM CONVERTED CAR.

nice acceleration Wink

wish mine could pick up like that.

Only like 145 or something. That was no tune, no header, no 68mm TB, no intake tube, plus it was like 100 degrees that day and inside the garage was more than that. Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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