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Cooling Fan npt working

Hi every one,

I need your help, I have a civic 89 sedan, however the cooling fan is not working, if I'm in a trafic jam, the temperature is going up to the point that I have to park for a while until it goes down, but the fan at any moment starts running. the fan switch is working, so I need to kow if there is something with the computer, if there is a relay that needs to be replace, or if I have to replace the fan.

I appreciate all your comments

Welcome to the site there is a relay behind the right headlight on the inner fender and you can also run a hot wire to the fan plug from the battery to check the fan.  Good luck I hope you get it figured out I just went threw all of this on my CRX and found out the fan switch on the back of the block is bad.

it might also be your fan switch on your engine, do you have an engine swap?

When you are in a traffic jam and the temp starts to go up, i have put the heater on and cranked it on 4 to bring the temp down. Granted, you will feel like you are in a sweatshop, but your car will not overheat.  That should help you till you figure out what is going on.

Once your car overheats, there is where you will have to spend some $$ with a warped head. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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