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code 9 got me down

88 lx sedan
OBD2 JDM GSR converted to OBD1 w/obd1 p72 ecu

Engine ran perfect in my CRV

symptoms - High idle (1200-1500 rpms) seems to stumble a little at idle like a slight misfire.

I've been fighting with this code 9 problem for about 6 months and I'm going crazy. I have a new distributor (plus tried 2 other ones), mechanical timing was off a tooth so when I changed timing belt I fixed that. All OBD1 wiring has been gone through multiple times and I even wired distributor directly to ecu.  I searched and found no vacuum leaks. I reset ecu after every fix I tried and cel appears back within 2 secs of turning the key. I installed a new IACV also. Car has power and drives fine
Any one have any ideas? Is it possible maybe my ecu jumper harness is defective? idk, just grasping at straws here Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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