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code 3 and 4 help!

okay so i have a b16 in my 91 lx. car was running good before engine rebuild. did bay over and rebuilt motor. it has new dizzy as well as new ecu chipped from xenocron.

my old ecu read codes 3,4,9. (map, ckp, and cps)
i couldnt justify the issues and figured it was a poor ecu so i went to xenocron.

i instantly plug the ecu in and same codes pop up. i figured my wiring was shotty so i pulled the engine harness yesterday and redid everything, somehow i got rid of code 9...but map and ckp still exist.

according to the pinpoint test from alldata, its leading me to believe the ecu is faulty which i find hard to comprehend considering its brand new, and no signs of burns.

does anyone know if the ckp and map share a similar circuit, or ground that may be shorted?

any help would be appreciated ive been kickin myself for not figuring this out yet. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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