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clutch/trans/flywheel question

well, I am going to do an auto to manual swap into my 89 sedan, and have heard down the grapevine that certain year clutch will work with a cetain year trans. I'm guessing this has something to do with the number of splines on the input shaft. so my question is, do I need to specifica lly request a clutch set for a 91 si, which is what is going in,  or just an 88-91 civic? and also will the clutch work with a flywheel off of a 93 (obd1) d15b6, or do I need to find a flywheel off of on obd0 (88-91) engine?

from my understanding its 89-91 will work together and 88 is different. I did the swap and thats what i came up with. Im using a 90 si tranny and i had to have a clutch that was 89-91...

hope that helps

mattyj  Shocked
BiG ChOr!Zo

nice chart! right click, save image as. thanks man. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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