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Clutch replacement

my clutch is slipping badly so am in need of some opinions.

can anyone give me their reviews on some good clutches?
am not racing just cruising it so an oem replacement would be nice.

only looking to spend about 150 at the most.

i got my eye on this....

is it good?

go for it.  Very Happy

Every time something was going out on my car, i tried to replace it with an upgraded item.  When my clutch died back in 97 or 98, i replaced it with an ACT clutch...I paid a pretty penny for it.. But it is 2010 and i have had no issues with it.... Laughing

thanks guys,appreciated.
ima order it by the end of this month.and install hopefully i learn a alot of things through the process.

good choice, thats what i'm running with a 7 pound in my daily  Smile

thats a good choice, that could very well be the exact same on that is in your car right now,  a lot of Honda's OEM clutches are Exedy Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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