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Clutch Issue

Hello everyone my name Chris, I like to introduce you to my 1990 EF  DX Sedan “Jankey”. I got my car for $680, and of course you get what you pay for. The previous owner mentioned, all car work was done back in Feb of this year. But I am currently having a Clutch issue. When the car is off, I am able to have full function in getting thru all the gears 1st->5th and even reverse. Now when I turn on the car, and fully engaged down the clutch. I am not able to get the car in gear. I check YouTube, and saw that it might be a clutch cable linkage. It had a bit of play, but I slightly tightened it down.  Found out on a website it sed to disconnect the battery, for 30 minutes to have the ECU reset itself. Then reconnect and it should be fine. Please if anyone had this problem before I am just curious to know. Cause I will be taking it to me personal mechanic. Thanks Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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