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Cluster wiring problem

Ok so I have a 91 dash put into my 89 lx and im not sure how I go about wiring the 91 cluster in. Do I use my old 89 harness because I tried the 91 and it is really different. I was told I can repin my 89 harness and if thats the case is there a diagram somewhere? Please help im dashless guys lol ive fixed every other electrical problem and this has me stumped and I cant seem to find repin information for the sedans.

Pretty sure you will have to de pin the 89 cluster plugs and pin the 91 plugs into your dash harness. I haven't tackled a cluster swap yet so I can't go into much detail. I'm sure someone one here has done something similar.

Right on thanks zac is there anyone who has done this before and knows what I need to do I really need to get my dash back in so I can finish up the sedan.


not much experience with the 89s my brotha, I would say to match up the wires before depining or cutting something and go from there, im assuming the colors are the same just in different places. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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