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Club Donations?

Is there such a thing here? Often I've ran into this kind of thing on local forums to me. Basically a way for members to donate money towards the operation of this website or any other expenses this website has.

Usually we buy stickers representing the club and pay "more" then needed and the extra money left over goes towards a donation type thing.

Anyways just wondering as I would like to help out.

Also, I know there is a club decal thread, but it has died off. If need be I'll just bump that thread. Only asking if there is a way to purchase them or is it only when you become a squad member? I would like to rep the club locally and get some more new members involved.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I've thought about setting up a donations thread.  We're still working on getting EFSS stickers back in rotation and making an EFCS sticker available to anyone.  This is a good idea Bond, I'll keep you posted.

I look forward to seeing what we can figure out. It was just an idea that I've seen around on other sites. I would like to help in something I'm passionate about. I love these cars! lol

Can't wait for the forum stickers!

As far as I'm aware the website itself is using free software. The domains have been kindly purchased by one of the members on here.

Well it was worth a shot. Just trying to spread the word of this site locally and support what we have here.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I'm still toying with this great idea.  The donation would come with a sticker or two and the proceeds would go toward us having our own forum (but I have to buy the domain names from the guy first).

great idea!

.....we should make shirts and stickers to represent the EFSS

and update the style of the forum (colors, fonts, icons) and have a diferent picture (banner) of a member every month... I know steve's pic is cool but it's been there for a long time loll also it would motivate all the members of the squad to have a pic of he's/her's sedan in the banner of the EFSS...

I think its time for a change!

We need the site stickers!!!

And the banner usually does change but steve has gotten lazy lately.. Could have even used my revised 90/91 Face Lift version of that pic Razz

I think an updated site or purchase of the domain would be a great use of the donaited money. Even if we don't go that direction with it maybe it could go to someone or organization in need?

I'd really like to get some local cars together and get the site some attention this summer.

I'm excited to see what we can come up with guys.

How hard would it be to switch over to another forum software so we could take advantage of tapatalk and other such apps.? My local forum just swapped over to vbulletin.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

We'll look into vbulletin.

Great idea, im all in for this but some1 needs to push the for the stickers I need 1 and want 1 lol.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I'm working on that as well.

Well vbulletin is ~$200 for the regular and ~$300 for the customizable.
perhaps myBB or phpBB3 would be more suitable,  and still support tapatalk.

I don't mind donating $30 towards vbulletin, just 9 other people may not want to do that.

Stickers would be cool too.

I'll chip in 50 or more if needed. I just recycled a bunch of metal so it's money I wasn't going to use anyways lol.

As of now the forum is running on phpbb.
So tapatalk should be able to be activated without switching to vBulletin, soooo stay free.

If you want any help with stickers or anything let me know Jon..
No point offering my computer skills cause they are pretty shite Embarassed

Oh and Im good for donations too if required

If we can get a design going, I can get a good deal on decals. I got a guy here that does a fantastic job. I've seen his work and had some work done by him for a couple little projects.

I'd love to see this idea take off soon, so the more help the better.

Anything yet guys? Been creeping the site but staying pretty quiet as I have almost zero free time (getting married in 2 weeks)

I know someone posted a picture of a ton of squad stickers...  Wink

im down

Id like to do something while i have funds to spare!

Any chance of something ever becoming of this? Just curious guys. I troll behind the scenes of this site but often don't post alot. But I still love the passion for these cars we all share. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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