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civic safety stats??

hey guys, i was wondering if any of you guys knew where to get some safety stats on our sedans? you know like crash test results and NHTSA or IIHS crash-test ratings? the reason i need this info is my girlfriend believes my civic isn't safe enough for her kid to ride in. i have the stock d15 motor so i ain't racing around town. so basically i'm curious if you guys had any legit info that would help me argue with her about this.

No real info for you. But I can say, that I wouldn't want to be in mine in any sort of "SERIOUS" accident, but this doesn't keep me from loading up the family and heading out of town.

You're sure she's worried about the car and not your driving habits? Razz

They're seriously poor when it comes to impact protection, much like any small to medium sized car produced before 95.

If you're concerned about safety, make sure your seatbelts are in good condition and adjusted correctly (if your fronts are height adjustable), you've got good tyres that are correctly inflated, all your lights are working and anything in the car is secured.

The best protection is avoiding the accident in the first place, but these things can definitely reduce the risk of injury if the worst was to happen.

Looks good to me

Did a shopping trolley roll into you?

That picture is fmor the "4 door race Koor" thread.

You scary!  Shocked

Honestly it dosn't matter wat you are driving. Yes some cars are safer then others but it could be the safest car in the world and get creamed by a tractor trailor or a bigger truck. Thats just life. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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