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Civic ED2 Daily

This thread will be about my civic ed2, which I am using as a daily!

But first a little introduction, since I havent posted anything yet but just been lurking..
My name is Pieterjan, I'm from Belgium. Currently 21 years old, quit college last year and started working in october 2015 at a local store. Currently looking for something different but hey, we need money for carparts  Very Happy Prefered brand? I can appreciate anything with an engine, but I do love honda!

About my car:

It's a civic ed2, 1991, 1.4 dual carb. Bought it last year in november with 118000km on the clock. I had been looking for an ef sedan for about a year and half, and in this time only two came up for sale. First one was a wreck, all rusted out so this was no option. Second one ended up being mine. I went to look at it the day I saw it for sale, and brought it home the week after! This is how I bought it, clean as it is:

Didn't see any remarks on it, except for a small rust spot which is coming out now, have tried to take it on already but seems like I didn't get all of it. Anyhow, something to take care of asap.

At this point my bumpers were off because they were being painted white, I personally hated the black bumpers, even tho it seems that I only dislike them on white sedans.. Also put some coilover sleeves on there at the time. (megan racing)

And the bumpers came back, what a difference! When im looking at the pictures now it still amazes me how much it has changed the overall look of the car  Cool
It was also at this point that I had to remove or cut the mud flaps..

Since I didnt have them on the back anyway I just removed them.
Also had to fix a water leak in the trunk, which still isn't fixed 100% but at least the water isnt dripping from the trunk anymore, just a few drops now and then.

Randomly ran into some aftermarket floor mats at a local store, and actually liked them! Some more interior pics while we're at it:

Soon after putting the coilover sleeves on I decided that this car being my daily, I shouldn't be using cheap suspension. Rethinking the whole situation now, never go with cheap suspension. So I went with KW V1's, been driving them for a month or 2 now and couldn't be happier with the drive! Also bought some sixperformance control arms for the rear since the oem rubbers went to shits.
At the garage with a hatch ed6  Laughing

Cleaned the baey a little  Cool

Took an afternoon to fix the bumper sagging, not a 100% clean yet but a lot better than before:

In the last 1-2 months I was looking for a nice set of wheels but couldn't seem to find my taste, ran into some very nice 2nd hand wheels but 15x8's with 0 offset wont be ideal to run as a daily, not a huge fan of camber anyway so eventually I bought these wheels last week (15x7 offset40):

Very happy with the result! Very Happy
Think thats about it so far, more updates will come as I go and get more parts, got a new steering wheel coming up soon, but not sure on further upgrades yet!


Steering wheel update  Cool


Looks great, the painted bumpers made a huge difference.

I still can't believe these were sold in some regions without proper ELR 3 point rear seatbelts, haha.

Nice work.

Tyvm! Yeah those seatbelts are a mess, when friends get in the back they are like wtf is this?! Cant blame em haha

Got some nice pics with the new wheels  Cool


New small update: exhaust tip. Planning to get a full system in the future, but its a nice fix for now!


So clean  Cool

Another small update, not sure about the looks but practical nontheless.. Need your opinions! Cup holder.


Not a fan, just jam it between the seat and the handbrake lever on the passengers side lol.

Yea was thinking about that! The longer the less i like how it looks haha
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I like what you're doing here!  Keep up the good work!

Another small update, got a Honda horn button because I thought the momo one didnt really fit.

And a pic from last meet Very Happy

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff!

Looking good  Cool

Another update! Almost forgot about this thread  Rolling Eyes

I removed the stock air intake and replaced it with some trumpets and k&n filters. Dont really feel any difference performance wise but does seem a little more torqy. Also picks up better and the sounds is pretty damn awesome aswell!

Next update will be the exhaust, probably coming in a week or two!

Also went to hondafest in the netherlands last weekend, had a blast! So many awesome cars aswell! Also got to see an NSX for the first time, glad I had my tissues with me Razz

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looking good.

looks awesome. cant wait to start the build on my sedan.

Seems like im behind a bit! Heres a few more updates:

thermal r&d exhaust


Road trip around eastern europe  Cool  about 3000km total: me with 3 mates and car fully packed, the lil sedan kept going!


Also, once in a lifetime: we couldn't find a place to camp so I slept in the sedan  Laughing


Looking great man

What countries did ye visit in eastern Europe?

We started our journey in brussels, then went to germany (the black forest, awesome roads), to italy through switzerland, where we visited venice. After that we also went to slovenia and austria (vienna). One of the best roadtrips ive done so far!

I always wanted to do the bike filter mod on my carby sedan haha.

its not really hard to do m8 and cleans up the bay a lot, however i still dont know if it benifits or worsens performance. I guess it doesnt really matter with 90hp

Yeah, i sold my carby sedan for an EFI one years ago before i got the chance.

I doubt it would have any real performance benefits, but it sure sounds better! Forum Index -> Project Logs
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