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Civic/CRX Si rear swaybar into 88-91 Sedan

writeup from the old site from aaronhume:

okay I know theres already a thread about rear swaybars, but I thought I would make this how-to as easy as it really is to install... if that makes sense.

Basically, these are your parts (all from any 88-91 SI with swaybar):
(2) rear lower control arms (with the screw holes for the swaybar)
(1) rear sway bar with end links
(2) mounting brackets
(4) galvanized steel bolts 3/8" shaft size, 4" long with matching nuts
(Cool galvanized steel washers 3/8"

total project costs for me: $17 ish

picture of the swaybar and control arms:

first, jack up the car onto two jackstands carefully, and remove both wheels.
then remove the three 14-mm bolts on the control arm on each side, and pop the arm off.

re-install the new control arms, by first bolting up the inside bolt and then the one on the shock, and finally use a jack to push up on the arm to hold it in line with the trailing arm end.

new control arms installed:

next, you will need to drill two holes on each side for the new bolts to go through. conveniently, there are already two holes on each side that the mounting brackets will line up with, but you need the holes to go through into the trunk, so just drill straight up like so:

and an inside-trunk view: (don't mind that foam stuff...)

next, bolt up the sway bar at either end, and then, using the new bolts, push those up through the holes, and on the bracket, a washer at each end, and put the bolt on finger tight, then have a helper hold the bottom end straight and impact the top nut until it tight, but do not overtighten on the sheet metal as it will just bend.

peice of cake, no?

more pics:


good info Smile ill be doing this one soon!

you'll love it.. trust me

The Dif

So what difference in your setup have u experinced

i havent done it yet.. as it says that writeup was done by aaronhume.. i coppied it from the old site.. when i put a bigger sway bar on my '99 Si it made a HUGE difference.. the car rotates a LOT better.. stays much more level while cornering.. i dont know if it'll make as much of a difference on EF's as it did on my EM1... but dont think about lifting in a turn you're takin at 90% or above.. haha.. can you say massive snap oversteer? yea.. i learned that the hard way... onramp at 90+... lift for a car in front of me.. dorifto!

heh... ya I have only gotten it to oversteer once but I was on kinda gravel and I had just let off after strating the turn going a little fast for available traction, but it was funa nd unexpected hehe. I would recomend this to absolutely everyone! even though it is a small swaybar (15mm) it is a big difference in potential handling compared to not having a swaybar at all. I have since done almost all energy suspension bushings on my car, and the handling is about as good as it will get without lowering springs. if you have a cheap junkyard near you, check around for ef civic and crx si's and make sure you get the control arms too.

ricer wrote:
onramp at 90+... lift for a car in front of me.. dorifto!

Sounds like the upgrade for me, that's the type of antics I'm after now. Razz

yea but when you're not expecting it.. its not quite as fun.. lol

I have a question. In the very first pic, there appears to be what looks like a lower strut bar or something that is bolted in on the outside of the LCA shackle. In the rest of the pics, I dont see it anywhere. What is that component and was it removed in order to fit the sway bar?

yes it was a crappy ebay lower brace and it was just a little too tall to fit with the swaybar. I would take the swaybar over that thing 100 times over though!

Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Im gonna be all over the junkyards this weekend!
Type-S EF

well for those of you not wanting bolts sticking up in their trunk, i made today the brackets needed to go into the frame rail to replicate the SI and models with stock rear roll bar. i can't get the pictures off my phone, but i have a blueprint that i had to draw to get credit since i made them in class. lol, yay free aluminum!!!

All will be posted today (i know i said i was going to do this along time ago, my buddy and i were going to make them at his work, but that didnt work out.)

how will you set them in the frame? cut a slot and slide the aluminum piece in? that would make the mounting way better! (as long as the aluminum won't strip too easily)
Type-S EF

its a piece of aluminum, machined to accept studs just like you wheel hubs. I cant seem to get the pictures off my phone though, we'll. I'll try later, but yes, i was going to make a small hole on the side, and slide it in.

Maybe its just my car, but one of the holes is though, the other is though on one layer of steel, not the other. so i will have to finish that one through

The hole spacing is 1.43 inches according to my bracket, and the parts fit perfectly.

Im going to borrow the girlfriends camera, so next couple days or so i could get some pics up.

Ok when you do i realy would like to see this. SInce i am clossing
in on phase II of project : Kazar? Which includes Powerslot rotors
Hawk pads, and swaybar. rear
Type-S EF

ok, camera phone pictures will have to do i guess.  In the morning.  I got the suspension techniques front and rear bars which dont use the stock points, they supply a bracket that replaces the U channel mounted tow hooks.

Have you planned for the rear sway to mount around the rear subframe and dif? Or have you put the 4wd on hold for the moment?

Just did mine yesterday, feel very nice, recommend to everyone
Type-S EF

well, i have given up on the stock rear sway bar on the sedan, and the ST bar is far back enough that it will more than clear the rear diff, and i don't plan to use the rear sub frame, i am cutting and re-enforcing the stock rear on my fwd sedan.  solid mount because comfort has gone out the window a while ago, and i've had IRS cars with solid mounted diffs and its not bad.

Type-S EF wrote:
and the ST bar is far back enough that it will more than clear the rear diff,


Something I wanted to do, but I'm a visual where's the pictures? Lol Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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