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Christmas presents

So what you all got for Christmas.

my girl got me a new camera, also got cloths,
a charger kit for my Xbox controller,

post up

(old) camera


my new camera

my xbox controller battery

im still playing with new camera  Embarassed

Got some slippers, clothes, and a camera=) Samsung hd smart cam. So many things on it will post new pics of my car though =)

because for some lucky reason I was able to sell my old pick for every penny I wanted. I loved her but we had our moments. Ahhhhh but the glorious sounds of 2.6 liter of four cylinder fury growling through a weber 32/36 carby. But on the 26th I sold it and got my 91 lx. In one day. I'm so happy with it. Its light and zippy despite low power. And with eibachs and tokicos and the trunk brace it is nice and neutral in the corners. It needs a little love but just easy things Smile. Best xmas present ever!

I got clothe shoes slippers and my nardi other little things as well Forum Index -> General Discussion
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