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Childrens car seat

Currently I have my sons carseat in the middle seat in the back...but it looks like under some caps there is threaded holes up behind the rear seats by the speakers. Is there a anchor from honda so you can attach them there?

not that I could find, I have a car seat in back as well. I don't think Honda thought of those yet lol


I wonder what those holes are for then....proably some rare JDM part  Very Happy

I just hate the seat in the middle, its a bitch leaning way in to buckle it.

djblingbling1 wrote:

Proably some rare JDM part

never thought of it that way horse

i have one in the back as well and was trying to find an anchor point, but like 89civicsi said I don't think the Japanese thought of that just yet.( nor did America for some reason) lol

they figure back then, just toss in and drive, the g force will keep them in place haha

Vtec was the main component when it came to keeping the children in there seats hahah

Mighty kids meal helps keep kids in place these days. I hope I don't offend anyone with fat kids.

LOL that is true. I for one am not going to be giving my child that garbage. Fruits and veggies is what he is going to be craving...I hope hahah

^ and rice and carne asada. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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