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Check your headlights for charred plugs, please!

Hey, buddies!
It's a tip for you.
My headlight was broken a few weeks ago. So I changed the bulb.
But it didn't work after changing...
so I checked the plug.
And I saw, that it was charred.
I soldered today new plugs onto the wires.
Now the funtion is like on the first day, again Very Happy

So, do it like me and check the plugs!



I'll be doing a headlight swap next week, i'll check mine out then   Cool

you guys got h4. usdm has 9006 low beam. my 9006 melted before convert it to 9005 harness

one piece jdm headlights are h4

you'll do it best! I'm sure Cool

Must be European Sedan thing... Mine were the exact same fixed them up a few weeks ago Cool

I took the plugs from my ED4 Sedan badass to make my ED7 Hatch well, again Smile

The plugs are the same.... hrhr

thanks for the heads up! i think this should be a sticky thread

i have a ed3 and i dont have that style plug, i have 9005 30k HID's low beams and 9005 6k HID's high beams.

Momohenning has a USDM ED3, too. He showed me on the weekend the plugs on his headlights. They are completely different to our EUDM plugs.... Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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