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Carfreitag (Good Friday) Meet at Bruennchen, Nuerburgring 09

It is a tradition, that the "season" starts on Good Friday (In Germany it's called "Karfreitag". This word is modificated by german tuner-community into "Carfreitag".
So... this is how I could eyxplain you best the word "Carfreitag" Wink

I can show you only pictures, 'cause I wasn't there this year.
I'm moving right now into a new flat. woohoo Wink

All the pictures you can find here:,start,180.htm

I let the pictures speak... pictures say more than words Smile

"Voellig sinnlos, aber geil" means: "Almost useless, but cool"... hey, mitsubishiV5.... were are you? this is a good example how to use the word "geil" in german language Laughing

PR0N Licence plate Surprised only one digit (in this case: '8') is very difficult to get!!

those cars are deep!!

that corvette and Rx-7 are nice

Alot of work went into that purple CRX. I like the bodykit on the white EF too.

Audi R8's have to be among the sexiest cars alive, you Euro's know how to throw a meet!

That meet isn't organized!
But everybody knows, that an Good Friday everyone's meet at the Bruennchen.
In the early days it was a little meet of VW drivers.
Then it became a "german car" meet, then it was "only japanese cars" and now, that what you can see on the pictures:
Everythings allowed, 'cause there's no event manager Laughing

Next year I want to drive there, too!
I hope so.... the last time, I was there on a Good Friday, was in 2005.
That's truly long ago... Wink

But, you know... I'm moving right now Cool
look here:
you can see some Civic parts on the picture Laughing
most of them parts in the car (FORD) are Honda OEM parts lol

"Der Biker84" posted some VERY nice pictures!!! Shocked
Look here:,start,230.htm

Love a meet like that. .  
we had one of these when i lived in Italy. . .
Loved the little car. . .

That poor skyline  Confused

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