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Car wont start help

Here is the scenario: About a month ago, my battery got shot, So I bought a new odyssey  batteries, put it in the car  and it start right up.  So  I took her  around the block for a quick spin, and everything seem to work fine. Drove it back home and park it. Two hours later try to start the car back up and nothing , lights work, fuel pump came on, radio work, but the car would not turnover. check battery ground, bought a new starter and still nothing what else can it be. Any help will be appreciate it.


did u tried to start the car by sending power to the starters solenoid?

Moved to electrical....check your transmission ground buddy.

thanks for the move. I have check all ground and try to jump the starter. I have a buddy of mine who's going to help out next weekend, I'll let you guys know the outcome. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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