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cant get my timing belt tensioner loose

I cant get my timing belt tensioner loose and im scared that i might strip the belt and then be screwed any ideas on how to get my timing belt off? and get a new one on?

use a blunt pry bar and push on the pulley. it'll be ok

You're talking about the spring loaded pulley? I've never heard that being a problem.

You can't just slide the belt off the cam gear and off the crank pulley without removing the tensioner? I'm sure they're ways around it bud Smile

I am trying to cut a small hole in the wheel well so that i can put an extension through to get better leverage. Its very tight in there and i cant really get a good grip on the tensioner bolt. This was never a problem with my b16 hatch. In my sedan the air condition and power steering is in the way, and the bolt doesnt stick out from the plastic cover as much as it does on the b16. I am going to try to just slide it off without loosening the tensioner if that doesnt work. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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