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can someone plz help me with knowledge

so i live in CALI and tags are due in june w a smog cert required at a STAR station.
I have astock dual point sedan
Does anyone know exactly what i may need to change
I alreddy kno i need a cat, stock air box...
My last smog. The techs said my O2 sensor was "jumping around"
This star smog shit is supposed to be hard to cheat..
Im no mechanic so i need advice

Glad I live in TEXAS  

Hey hows it in texas cuz i might move dwn there nxt year

HOT in the summer. In a year or two all i have to worry about passing in my ef is a safety test. Horn, lights, etc and only 14 bucks. I live in dallas and there is always something to do or get into trouble. Dallas cops arent that bad either, its just all the cities around on the outskirts suck. I like it here. Rare parts are hard to come by locally compared to cali  Sad

If you're stock I wouldn't be too worried. My first sedan was completely stock when I initially smogged it and failed miserably due to a bad catalytic converter. But once I replaced it it was practically a zero emissions vehicle.

O2 sensors are fairly cheap.  I would replace that and get it tested. Make sure your timing is in spec also. The only other part I believe they test is your evaporative system. Which is all the lines that go to your fuel filler neck and charcoal canister. Really simple stuff and  not hard or expensive to replace.

When you go to test it make sure the car is nice and hot. When your cat is hot that is when it is the most efficient.

Good luck. Cali emissions are a pain!

this makes me so happy to live in ky. all you have to have here to be street legal is seat belts, headlights, one brake light, and turn signals. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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