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Can i use an ek spindle?

So i was wondering if its possible to use an ek spindle with my ef axles. I was told by a friend of mine that hydraulic axels will fit non hydraulic transmission? Will i also be able to press in an ef main wheel bearing in the spindle hub? As far as i know from my research the ek, eg, and dc spinles have a straighter design rather than the hooked look of the ef spindle. Reason why im asking is at this moment there is only drop spindles available for ek and i would like to run those type spindles with my axels. These drop spindles are suppose to position the axle higher and lower the car more. But im not trying to lower the car more but rather increase uca travel with a shorter spindle.  Any input will be grately appreciated thanks

Any word? Last bump till i decide to post it else where

Sorry i don't have any info, but interesting concept. I'm not quite sure how it goes about positioning the axle higher? Higher measured from where? The ground? I don't see how that works.

I believe they make the track a little wider than stock.

They literally position the axle higher while shortening the height of the spindle at the top where it meets the uca. You have to run a minimun of 15 inch wheels to clear the spacing from the hub. By moving the position of the axel upwards you make the hub sit higher which lowers your car....So here is my plan but dont tell anyone else. This design will drop your already "slammed car" another 1 1/2 inches from the way it sits. Well obviously my car wont be able to drive if this was true, so im actually trying to raise the car up with the 1 1/2 inch drop to increase uca travel without cutting shock towers while mainting the same ride height of course with this in mind ( using ek spindels) ill probably be able to use a camber kit to gain back neccesary camber.... Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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