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Cam Gears

I was wondering if the cam gear for a D15B1 and D15B2 is the same? I have a complete B2 in my 90 sedan but the rings are fried, its a mobile mosquito killer on a tragic level.. I have a B1 bottom end but I was wondering if the timing aspects are the same.

More to the point, are the timing belts/tensioners/timing gears the same for the two engines?

Thanks guys

Yeah, i'm pretty positive they are the same. You could referemce their Honda part #'s to confirm.

I'm using my sohc zc cam gear on my z6 head right now. They have identical part #'s, tooth count, and timing marks

Sounds good, I had asked a few of my buddies that are into Hondas but none of them could give me a definite answer. I just called NAPA and they told me the timing belts and water pumps have the same tooth count, so I think its safe to say everything else is the same. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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