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cable to hydro tranny?

is there any way to use a hydro tranny on our cars without buying the kit? if i was to switch out all of the clutch pedal mas cyl. lines EVERYTHING will it work that way?

there are a few ways to do it idk if your wanting to stay D or if you want to go B. yes you will have to cange the tranny mount regardless. there are sevral companys that have this. now if it is b series you have to get a DA t-braket and drill out the lower mounting holes to acomidate the bigger 19mm bolts. now to do the actual mechanical assy. oing from cable to hydro you can keep the cable by using a haspert kit(from personale experiance this kit works really well) theres a couple out there that have an actuall clutch mater that you mount with tha cable, then last is a kit i found its a sonem bolt in conversion that bolts to your peadal assy.

this will be similar to what i am going to use in my conversion.

here is a link to where they have a thread the kit is only 150 ish there have been a few hickups with it but in most part its an awsome setup and design.

suja 1 motoring (630)407-0711

(in no way am i affiliated with this company or have i ever been in contact with them)

i hope i have been a help to you.

i was looking on hondatunning website last night and came across a diy for  cable to hydro for d series

Hasport sells a kit from what the story told

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