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Buying new front bumper and rear bumper, online!

Do any of you have buy online some oe replacement bumper!
Where and did they fit nice?
I dont want to get some cheap fitting bumper!

Really hard to locate.

1. They are expensive
2. discontinued
3. Very expensive
4. Discontinued
5. Sad
6. :'''''(
boosted ef2

I just got mine from ebay and it fits really nice and snug..I dont think anybody but honda sells the rear bumper well atleast for the 90-91 i checked for 2months before i just got a junkyard one..But the shipping from honda is expensive!!!

My honda here in fl. Still carries oem bumper 90/91 thats where the body shop ordered mines from. All though Ive seen ebay ones they look pretty good fitment is.good. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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