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burg's 4 door build....

hey all welcome to my build/project thread. well i recently just bought my sedan and im really excited to work with this chassis, because it has some of the best body lines and plus it has 4 doughs!!!haha...yea i think these are sometimes underestimated...but so far the car its self is stock i am the 3rd owner Shocked...ok back to business i really just want this car as a DD for now but i want it to be somewhat of an mild-aggressive setup not to hardcore, so i will be sticking with a D motor and will go vtec, i also wanted decent suspension so i can corner a little harder and get that aggressive look...working on the body a little to get it looking sessy(if my wallet permits ill go JDM front) repaint the car...i feel this is a start of a long love/hate relationship Rolling Eyes

so i really want to work with the D motor cause its cheap and i already have a small build lined up...

D16z6 motor:
stock head for now
polished crank(not yet assembled)
p29 piston(not yet assembled)
my own ghetto fab OBD0 to OBD1 jumper(if it works ill let yall know)

SI tranny:
stock Gear ratios
act street clutch kit
fidanza lightened FW 8 or 9 lbs i believe

suspension stock:
KYB AGX all around
megan racing coilovers(any other suggestions would be nice)
ebay LCA
camber kit

stock lol, but looking to put on track R's Razz

Wish list for car:
PnP head
crower or bisi cams
Ti Valvespring and retainers
Standalone system
obx LSD
JDM front
brand new paint

well im new to this chassis so and suggestions on suspension is a plus for me:) this build may take awhile being that im just a student and working part time but thnks for reading up....

Good luck with the build!

Got any pics?

sup good luck on the build post pics on the progress

Yea I have pics of car up in the intro section didn't want to repost in this section but ill take pics on any updates mods...ill have more time this week end...

Ok so I wanted to update what I got going so far, this weekend really didn't yield much wrench time. I did get a chance to go to the junkyard, and I was able to find a few things for a mpfi conversion plus a radio harness.

I only have injectors, injector resistor, injector harness, intake manifold no TB though, and a pg7 I will check again next weekend

Do you guys know if the a6 cams are better than the b2?(I'm talkin stock ones only) supposedly I heard they are...

Ps will post pic of progress once I get the TB and start working on conversion Forum Index -> Project Logs
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