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Bumper Interchangeabilty

For the last almost 3 weeks I've been on the hunt for a 90-91 sedan. I've had zero luck, every one that I've found is either in horrible shape or it's an automatic. I have come across a few clean 88-89 sedans though, I'm just not a fan of the front bumper, I know the molding is different between the model's,  but are the bumpers interchangeable? Will I need to swap headlights/taillights as well?

Yes they're interchangeable, but if you do swap both front and back, you mighty aswell change the door moldings too. No need to change headlight or taillights

Dope...thanks for the quick reply...

Np man

Do I need to upgrade to a 90-91 front bumper filler as well?
EF Sedan Enthusiast

It'd be in your best interest but not required.

4dred6 wrote:
No need to change taillights

Was gonna swap out the tails but after seeing them at night they look better than the 90-91 imo...

another one lost to the 88-89 tails Sad lol yes all sedan bumpers are interchangeable, but the hatch bumpers are not.

Ewww to the 88/89 dash thoo lol joking everything I can  bare with but the dash where the cluster area is =( lol

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