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building up my car to handle 300 horsepower

Does anyone know what I should doo. I am going to give my car a new heart. A d16y8. But I wantt it to handle and hook right.. I have tein springs right now.  And im looking for a lsd. But I wanna know what else I can do for it to hold up. And be reliable

traction bar, bigger radiator high, high flow radiator fan, quality axle and good clutch (" throw out barring") . stay away from ebay stuff ( unless highly trusted seller ) some parts might be knock offs bootleg like timing belts, water pump, short shifter, oil lines etc.
i had high compression i usually ping ( hot day )and some times over heat when im hard on it. as for turbo it over heats occasionally due to block guard lack of coolant flow. good luck Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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