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Building an Engine?

So, eventually, I am going to want to place a new engine into my car. But, I want to build it. The reason being, is because I want to learn how an engine truly works. I mean, you can read about it, but I think that putting one together will be a better learning experience. My knowledge about cars is very little. All I know, is what I have learned from my EF as it breaks down. So my question being, What all does it take to build an engine, and what do you suggest/think?

tl;dr - Your thoughts on building an engine.

It's a big commitment and I suggest is do research before you do ot
It but its a lot of fun building an engine. Any idea on what you want.

What I will probably end up doing is a B series, because you can find B series everywhere, which makes me think that you could find any part that you needed rather easily. Plus, I know they are not the cheapest,  but they are not the most expensive either.

As far as the research part, didn't plan on going into this blindly. Hahaha I probably have my friend help me out a little along the way, and I plan on reading as much as possible on the subject. Also I might be getting a job at O' Reilly, so what ever I learn there could help.

This idea isn't something that will happen anytime soon. I have this random old carport behind my house that I plan on adding walls to and making a small shop out of it. So once I get that done, then I will start trying on this engine idea.

sound like fun. you'll enjoy it. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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