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Build head or go turbo???

So tax time is here and I am trying to decide what to do and I need some advice. It is for my daily driver family car. I just want a little power to play with for now. But I am unsure of what I want to do. I can get a nice turbo set up for 600 from a buddy. Or I can get skunk2 cams, valve springs, port an polish and new gaskets with arp headstuds. Any ideas? Help? Maybe some thing better? I will have about 1000 to work with. minus 50 for my new bumper:) And sorry I havent posted pics of what we are doing yet. We have only done some sanding and cleaned up some interior things.

What motor is it for?

$600 is a good price for a kit--if it's complete. There's always something you're going to have to get extra, though.

$1000-600=money left over for a good tune. Which you'll need.


it all depends on what your wanting to do with the car...


It is a b18a1 and I want to give it some good hp an torque but its still got to be my family car. Its the car I am goin to be taking to Honda Tech this spring

If it's an increase in torque you want, you're not going to see it from cams. Mid range, top end maybe.

Turbo will be the best bang for the buck.

If you need any convincing, download Maximum Boost and read it:

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