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broken camber kit

just wondering if anyone else has had this problem???

i was driving home last night and out of nowhere the left front of my car starts making really loud clunking noises over every little bump, when i got home this is what i discovered.....

it's the ingalls kit and it is in the mail to go back now i hope they replace it for me i don't like my wheel sitting sideways Smile

Surprised damn. thats the same kit i have in the front. my mechanic friend warned me that that could happen if they were overtightened. damn imma switch to the upper control arm type. eek.

i also posted this on h-t and got bad mouthed pretty bad for it being an ebay kit but it was labeled as the ingalls kit and i was even in their packaging


this didn't break bc of over tightening i was extremely careful with that part of the install... they also made bad clunking noises from the start Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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