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Brake tuck

Anyone have any pictures of an ef brake tuck? I am getting ready to tackle it and wouldn't mind some pictures of the routing inside the car.

I did some research and found a archived thread from jdmpnoy89:
Here are some pictures from his HT featured build. I figured since their isn't a brake tuck thread on here I will add pictures as I do mine.

He has a clean set up and one I will try to emulate as much as possible.


Added some pictures


Nice.. I've seen it ran behind the console. All custom lines and all. Really clean set up..

Started my brake tuck

rear lines flared w/fittings on

I wish i wouldn't have used stainless line for the inside. Using it for the bay is fine. Flaring regular brake line material is 1000% easier than flaring stainless.  That is it for now. My goal is to complete at least the interior lines today and tomorrow. One thing about having a car tore down this much is finding things. I am having trouble locating my ITR booster/MC.I don't thing i am going to run the wilwood MC set up so it will be for sale shortly.


Looks great man, i like those braided lines, so nice Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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