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both fans on when engine is cool

shortly after i start the car, roughly 1 minute,  both the ac and cooling fans will turn on.  

ive replaced the thermostat, coolant level is fine.  water pump is good.

im thinking of changing the temp sending unit on the back of the block to see if that changes anything.  

the temp gauge will sit exactly in the middle.  i would imagine that with both fans on constantly that it would sit lower then that.  

any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Could be ur radiator is bad. My hatch would begin to over heat and I replaced the thermostat as well and it kept doing it so I replaced the radiator. Or also check the radiator cap because if it doesn't seal right it can cause it to run hot as well. Good luck.

Definitely check the radiator cap.. I did the same as you.. replaced the coolant, hoses, thermostat etc... found out the radiator cap was not sealing and keeping the coolant pressurized, my fans would kick on and the temp would rise... Once i replaced it.. All issues were solved! Hopefully it is something cheap like mine was.. Smile

replaced radiator cap and that didnt do anything.

a guy on HT mentioned that when the car gets hot it will only trigger the cooling fan.  both of my fans are kicking on like the AC is on and its not.

problem solved.

the coolant temp sending unit on the back of the block went bad some how.  i replaced it with a good one and now it works as it should.  

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