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boso pipes

I need some advice fellow ef lovers. Im debating if i should put boso pipes on. Not to big though just like a foot out the bumper.

To be honest I do love victory pipes, but I wouldn't put em on my sedan

Maybe welding a flange, so you can switch it when you want.

Maybe you can post a pic of them if you decided to put them on. Very Happy  Partly because I  dont know what boso or victory pipes are? Shocked


Id love to do bosozuka pipes but I just think it will be to much. Id really like to extend the buddy club spec 2 exhaust and give it slight angle pointing up to the left.

Thanks 4dred6! Very Happy  Those are pretty cool, had never heard of them. Although the flange was a really good idea. Guess i didnt grow up in that time. Cool Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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