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1991 ef sedan

blast pipes!! boso pipes!!

anyone have any on their ef sedan?

Dont yet but Im hopeing to weld up one in the next few weeks with one of my friends.. Just a kinda shotgun stainless exhaust past the bumper nothing really crazy Very Happy

Must say I love this sedan some bits are shite other bits are genius but over all its grear and really pulls off the Boso pipes

This is one of my favourite EF9s and definately the best wheels on EFs the Exhaust is cool too really proper boso but not so practical Laughing

Nice car but he just aint got the pipes right

Here is the ones you can buy off the shelf for S Body Nissans want to get a kinda look between this and the sedan above

One of the members here had them.... the brown sedan with the jdm front.... but that first sedan in the pics is sick
1991 ef sedan

those rims the hatch is rolling in are sickkk!
diamond racing?
yeahh ive never really heard of them until now but now i want some nothing too crazy ofcourse im going to fabricate some and put them on in the next week!
ill post pics!
1991 ef sedan

Im aiming for something along these lines probably a little more pipe!


That first sedan looks cool! I don't see the pipes lasting more than a couple of weeks on the hatch. I can't see any bracing to keep them from vibrating themselves to death. Ivo-Mitsubishiv5 had them on his sedan at one time.
1991 ef sedan

welded this up today!

Gotta love alignment racks for things like that, lol. Doesn't look that bad at all man hows it sound?
1991 ef sedan

hell yeah you cant beat an allignment rack for exhaust!haha
not loud at all i took my old exhaust off because i was getting too many tickets! so sold it to a kid and now hes getting tickets!

just thought id make it look sick since it doesnt sound sick!

lol hell yea, better him than you.. Im gonna have to do something with mine, I hate quiet cars. Only catch is with it being my DD and having a 1yo son it cant be too loud  Confused
1991 ef sedan

yeah man mee too its a little too quiet for my taste
but seems impossible to find that right exhaust sound youre looking for! Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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