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Black EF sedan restoration from

Hi guys,

I thought i'd post my ef sedan restoration project online. I found one a couple of years back on a scrapyard. The owner of the scrapyard wanted to sell it but he boxed it in so much that he couldnt get it out so the car was standing there for 10 years.

Here is how i found it:

Finally when enough space cleared up i could buy it!

So we put back together what ever was left of the car (it was on a scrapyard after all and drove it back to my town

So with the car at the shop we could finally figure out what to do with it

so made some sketches in how i wanted the car to look when it's done

more to come soon Smile

Welcome dude! I see you are dutch at the ugly yellow licence plates we have in the Netherlands..
I am from Holland as well, my sedan is the gray one on top in the banner.

Big project to work on, total paint job will do!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

So this is how it all started.  Dual bulb headlights?

cool. good luck with it  
I like the drawing !

BTW, what happened to Jie ?


Welcome. Off to a good start


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