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ok so I have been looking for a sedan and couldn't find the right one. I will keep looking, but for now here is my Wagon  Very Happy

I bought this beast for $500 talked the seller down from 900. I've had it since April 2010 it was an automatic that would only move in 2 or reverse.

any way here it is

any way here are the pic's the day after I bought it

only rust i see so far.

to do list.
Get a new auto transmission (DONE)
possibly a new motor since this one has 293k (DONE)
front seats soon to be DA
fix rear seat
fix the little rust it has
clean interior

will add to list as i go along.

I was going through a box of junk and found this, its a front plate relocater that i bought like 3 years ago from a h-t member.

the wheels I plan on using for daily driving, just need to find 1 more wheel I let some one barrow it and they didn't return it. I will never do that again.

my DA front shocks ant struts. will these work on the wagon?

the Motor i bought for $40.00

so i turned my wagon on see if the fans would kick on and nothing  so i started to take the intake tubing off and these wires were hanging

i took the end caps off and hooked them both up the the battery and sure enough the fan kicked on.

where do they go? i dont just want to wire it direct to the battery.

i also found that my left corner has a hole in it.

first off i would like to thank member member Onatop for coming through saturday to help me swap my motor and transmission. its not done yet but a hell of a lot closer to done than before.

OK so on to the swap sorry no pics didn't have time to take pics and learn at the same time. and my g/f would have killed me if i got the camera full of grease and shit.

so yesterday morning at 8:00am Onatop came through now i have no kind of tools to do anything besides an oil change, he brought tool's, a hoist basically everything we needed to do the swap. By about 11am or 12 the motor was out and we were ripping shit off the old block that we needed for the new motor. then i took a break to get Onatop and myself some left overs from the night before some chicken enchiladas and beans. Man left over chicken enchiladas taste so good.

After we ate we were back at work. Onatop's wife stopped by (thanks for the gatorade and the banana).
We were almost done with the swap when he realized I didn't have the transmission front mount or the passenger side bracket. So we left the car as it sits almost done, just need a few parts, drill a hole for the clutch cable and swap the auto pedal assembly for the manual assemble.

ill get some pics of the car as it sits a little later

old tired d15b2 with damn near 300k

old crapomatic trans

120k db2

still need a couple tranny mount on there way from texas

need to drill a hole for the clutch cable and buy a brake booster hose

need to by some small hoses

build thread isnt complete with out atleast one of these

ok so sunday 8/15/10
onatop came over and we swapped in a new motor. i just want this damn wagon drivable. so i can start really doing diffrent shit to it. he came over about 1 we yanked the no compression motor out took the tranny off and then put the fly wheel and clutch/pressureplate on the new motor, we had the motor in by 530 and now i just need some small things so i can get this damn car running.

couple manifolds i got for free that i will not be using

anone know what seats these are?

ok so today i got some goodies for my motor.
i got a vtak distributor



throttle body

z6 throttle cable and vss holder piece thingamajig

and the delivery guy even helped put them on. Thanks PATA:bigok:

just gotta get obd0--->obd1 conversion and DPFI--->MPFI with vtak harness's done.

oh yeah i also have this just gotta figure out hows to mount this bitch

traded the PO6 ECU for a P28 ECU

just got these dpfi 0bd0 to mpfi obd1 wire harness and obd0 to obd1 jumper harness


nice i would trade my sedan for a wagon any day there more rare to bad it not a RT wagon but those seats are 88/89 si crx seats my lil bro got the same ones in his wagon

KingOfTheDamThing wrote:
nice i would trade my sedan for a wagon any day there more rare to bad it not a RT wagon but those seats are 88/89 si crx seats my lil bro got the same ones in his wagon

blasphemy. i owned a 90 civic EX, and loved it. i now own an RT, and love it. but i would rather own a sedan any day. Laughing

just depends on wat u like ive only ownd my sedan for 2 months now never had one still trying to like it there still clean though and this is my last honda this is my keeper Forum Index -> Project Logs
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