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Best lowering springs?

Okay so I've been doing my research in witch lowering springs are the best but it just goes back and forth anyway at the moment im looking at skunk 2 springs and d2 springs but I've haven't really decided ..  So if you guys are on springs and love the bouncy ride let me know what you guys have or what you think are the best in the market , thanks

to bounce=dangerous in my opinion. I used to love the bouncy ride until i hit a small dip at 60 and almost spun out. plus my shocks to a crap on me waaaay earlier than usual. But i would go with Megan Racing if you want bouncy.
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yes read my thread, after a lot of thoughts bout it, I swayed away from anything bouncy. my setup now is nice an doesn't bounce or anything, just makes for speed bumps and train tracks to be a mission, and running over a sode bottle getting it stuck on exhaust is fun too lol
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yea bouncy is no fun lol...u should probably look into getting new shocks..and changing sum busihings wont hurt
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X2 an the bushings an new shocks will make a load of difference, an while at it do TA bushings too, not just the lil bushings

Alright I found some d2 springs with a 2in front and 2.25in rear drop I think I'm gonna get those lol, but thanks guys,  gonna look into the shocks now Cool

If goin oem shocks, id suggest u get extended tophats to help lengthin the life of them otherwards your gonna blow em quickly



I like the skunk 2s they ride pretty stiff and lower it a decent amount but ive never had any D2's so I couldnt help you in that department.

Im running Koni yellows with ground control coilovers  and top hats. Not bouncy at all and rids nice and smooth. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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