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best alarm ever!!!!!!l ”SECRET WEAPON” go get it sticky this

Well guys some Ppl have been creeping on my cars, as you can see from the pic I took of the video I have, its a silver Ek sedan and they are driving by my house mind you where I live are no Hondas, and a dead end they pass by break when they see my Ek, then then pull off slow turn on the next drive way. So I guess now that Ppl know where I live now im a target, just glad I have alarms on both ,plus quick releases, and cameras, plus my ”SECRET WEAPON!!!!!!!!!”

Its a driveway alart system that I bought from harbor freight awhile back I use it everyday, what I do is place the sensor on my cluster Bezel, it on dash and or where the shift knob is at, and the receiver goes on my night table where I sleep , mine u its wireless, so when the car senses movement in the car or when the doors open the receiver extremely loud and will wake me up and know that someones in my car, it will only go off when theres is movement in the car or doora open, and what makes it a great item is that even if the thief tries to move it knows when its been picked up so still goes off. Trust me this is the best alarm ive had in awhile I feel safe with it and I sleep good. Rememver it will only go off when Ppl are in ur car soon as the door opens, drive-way alart system cost me only 15$ at harbor freight , remember guys theres no way around this no theif can get by this unless ur batteries die which u should change every 3 week on the sensor other then that ur safe, please everyone go out and buy one. !!!!

Heres the Ek sedan creeping by my house

And heres the driveway alart system

Now I just wanna help out everyone here this is how I stay safe at home or at work and trust me its better then a alarm/quick release and such.

Whatever car that stays on the outside of my driveway I put the sensor there but this weekend im going to buy another so both cars can stay safe, i.just put it on the outside car due to if u want the car thats inside.u have to move the outside car which has the sensor in it. And my cameras beep when theres movement out side=)
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If I caught someone creeping on me or my property, I would quickly introduce them to my .357  Evil or Very Mad

In this case I was taking a shit. and on Honda-tech I heard the car drive slow, but thought it was my brother in law since I just told him to stop by 30 min bfore this happened, then I jumped into the shower when I got out the showeri look for him but he wasnt at my house just yet, thats what made me run back my cameras to find this shit had happened . But if I woulda never heard the car drive by at 12:04 I wouldve never known someone was creeping so thank God I checked my cams that night.

Awrrrgh.  Mad    I have fence all around but you never know,  and I've been thinking about getting a pitbull.  But I doubt someone has the guts to come into the property there's always a bunch of my homies here from 10 am to 3-4 am.
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Dogs are good to have around.  I've got a black lab/german sheppard mix.  If someone even looks at our place funny he goes off.

Fawkes thrives... from a person who has had his car stolen before!!!!

I have my pit, but he is a inside dog I let him out though, if I woulda seen it at the right time.beleive we woulda been out there. But with the driveway alart system im not caught off guard, its probably the best thing ever there is no.way around it simple.
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Yeah regardless of the other stuff we've talked about, this is a great deterrent.  Thanks for sharing buddy!

These days you can never have to many safety devices.

Ima go get one these this weekend
Even if your car is inside the drive way with a fence can't be to safe my brother got his truck stolen from my grandmas house when it was parked inside with a gated and locked fence

But with this once it detects movment the alarm goes off so your good.

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Dogs are good to have around.  I've got a black lab/german sheppard mix.  If someone even looks at our place funny he goes off.

Wow i've got the same kinda dog. He is the same way. Very watchful and protective. Been the number one reason the tweekers only stole from the barn of ish and not our home. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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