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bad brake pressure

So i have like no peddal it feels like. car has been sitting for like 2yrs and just got it done and running. first thing i tried was bleed the brakes. starting in the pass rear then driver rear... driver rear had nothing when i broke the bleeder. but if it was left open and pushed the pedal is would should out. same exact think with pass front bleeder.. any ideas what would cause this?

Not a mechanic, but me and my buddy had similar problems. He had to pump the brake to come to a complete stop and i had to push down the brake all the way (i was almost touching the floor) to stop. in the end it was just the master cylinder needed to be replace. have you try  replacing your?

try also bleeding your brakes. Then if nothing replace the cylinder^^as noted lol.

Pump up the pedal with the motor off. Now hold it and monitor if it drops. It should from what your saying is happening. Do this a few times. Check the brake fluid level and check all brake lines and calipers for brake fluid leaks. If lines are dry and crack free and no external leaks noted it will be the master cylinder.

Oh I should say also check the master cylinder at the brake booster and inside at the pedal push rod for leaks aswell. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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