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EFfin Sedan 91

Back in a sedan! Build up of my 91 civic

So before I begin I wanna give a little bit of back story about me and some of the cars I've had.

About 2 years ago I bought what was my 2nd Honda but my first real build. It was also a 91 civic LX completely stock and in much better shape than what I have now, but anyway. Got it with 260 something thousand miles on it didn't really know too much about cars but had a lot of fun with it.

This was it in it's prime, I really loved that car. Haha

Sadly this is how it ended up. Luckily I made it out okay, barely but that's another story.

So after that I thought I'd try something a little newer.
Bought a 95 civic dx and built that up over the course of a year. It was by far the nicest car I've built.

Of course I had to do something stupid and trade it because I couldn't get it to pass emissions testing (should've just kept it and swapped an LS or something into it) But ended up with this 92 integra DB1. Man that car was a piece. Was very photogenic at least.

Unfortunately It had more problems than I wanted to deal with so I ended up selling that and buying a Subaru.
Had this one for a few months and didn't really like it. Subaru's are expensive, bad on gas, and they aren't Hondas.

So I did the only right thing and sold it to get another Honda! I always wanted another sedan after I got in my accident so I figured why not and started searching. Unfortunately I got a little impatient and ended up settling like I usually do for some reason. Looked at it in the dark, bought it in the dark. Figured I had a lot of money leftover from selling the Subaru it wouldn't matter since I would be replacing everything anyway. Man was I wrong. Haha

Damn that's a nasty smash. Pics of new ride?
EFfin Sedan 91

I knew it had a few problems from the test drive but I figured most of them were minor it didn't really matter. It was running and fairly well and there was very little rust. I picked it up for 1150 which I now realize was pretty high for the condition it was in but what can you do. Anyway I took a lot of reference pictures for when I posted a build thread so here they are!

Most importantly, the stack!

Missing Trim

Missing Trim

Broken Taillight

Bad Fender

Might be hatch corner light? It dosn't fit right even when pushed in.

ass shot

1st interior shot

Fading on roof

Missing ash tray

Missing dash vent

Missing Ignition trim

Shitty replacement mirror stuff

Pushed in bumper light

Broken Wiper control arm. It literally fell apart when I took it off lol

Sagging stereo

Rusted off exhaust

This was the worst part. They silliconed in the whole windshield themselves I'm guessing. Definitely wouldn't have bought it if I knew about it. That's what you get for buying a car at night lol

Sillicone on roof 2

Sillicone on roof

Stock Headliner

Worst of rust rear quarter
EFfin Sedan 91

Haha, sorry. Still have a lot to post.

So I went crazy on it!

Went to the junkyard and spent about 80 bucks, bought some maintenance stuff and booked an appointment for a new windshield, also went to pep boys and picked up a new muffler to pass registration.

Got sick of getting stabbed by this guy.

Replaced the missing trim pieces

Replaced the missing interior bits. Also got an ashtray but must've lost the pic somewhere.

Got a new mirror

Got a new taillight. Didn't know how to replace the plastics till later, oh well.

Welded the new muffler up. Luckily they threw the old rusty one with the tailpipe in the trunk so I reused what I could.

The pass. side bumper light was cracked so I replaced that as well.

Got some maintenance stuff

Bought some fabric waaaaay back when I had my integra but never ended up using it so I figured why not.

Also bought this stupid thing because I have no idea why. Should've just bought another stock wheel. It's no longer on the car. Trying to sell it.
EFfin Sedan 91

It had a few other problems I slowly discovered one after another. The tach didn't work (still doesn't) checked all grounds and two wires inside of the dist. but still nothing. Just gonna leave it as is till I do mpfi.

Also the reverse lights weren't working. I tried repairing the switch because I found a bad solder joint on it but it still didn't work so I ordered a replacement off ebay. They now work just fine.

Broken solder joint reverse lights

On my way to getting the new windshield on the car died on me and threw a code for the injection system. Googled it and found out it was the main relay, so I tapped it and sure enough it started right up. Found the bad solder joints and put some fresh solder on there, haven't had a problem since. The bad ones were the 2nd from the top on the far left and the 2nd one down on the second to last row.

Bad solder joints

The power door locks weren't working so I pulled the board out of the door and tried one from the junkyard and sure enough that was it.

Door lock boards

Also the windshield wipers have been giving me a lot of crap lately. I pulled the whole system apart to find the plastic bushings in there completely missing. Found some for a nissan and got them to fit in there pretty snug. Hopefully that solves the issue. (unfortunately didn't take any pictures of that.)
EFfin Sedan 91

Phew, now that all the maintenance was done (sort of lol) I could get to the fun stuff. I bought some racelands meant for an EG and messed with them for way too long before I decided they were too soft for me.
Luckily I didn't pay much for them and ended up turning around and getting what I paid for them.

I also picked up some new wheels at the same time. 15x7 drag dr20's So i put all those on at the same time and also picked up a jetta lip from the junkyard.

another picture with my buddies bone stock e30

Although it looked better it was still really rough. There was white paint on the lip from the car I pulled it off of so I never really liked it. I couldn't paint it because it was way too cold. The car looked bad honestly but I didn't give up.

After about a week or two I got sick of bouncing around on that suspension so i took them off and put the car back to stock. I wasn't going to buy a roof rack for the car but I got this for 20 dollars so I figured I'd at least buy it and if I decided I didn't want it I could make a profit off it.

I picked up an integra center console and also made a shift knob out of a garden light. Like it or not I love it lol.
I also re-upholstered the arm rest to match the headliner.

That's where I'll stop for not but I will update the rest tomorrow!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome.  First and foremost I'm glad you made it out alive from your first sedan.  That looks like a nasty wreck.  Your current sedan is coming along nice.  I love that color.  Very rare to find.  What suspension will you go with next?

Coming together  Cool
EFfin Sedan 91

Thanks guys! And I'll be getting to the suspension.  Wink

My girlfriend was kind enough to buy me a steering wheel and quick release that I hinted to her for christmas. It didn't come with the hub so I found someone selling that locally for 40 bucks.

The steering wheel is an NRG but for some reason they replaced the horn button with a Personal one. I will be replacing that as soon as I find one.

I didn't do much to the car for awhile at that point because I was saving up to buy my new suspension. I looked around for a long time trying to decide what I wanted to go with. I looked at Function & Form, Koni's, I even considered some skunk2 shocks and springs for a minute but In the end I decided to go with these:

Now I have never had a problem with raceland or any of their products and the fact that they're local in Utah is a big plus for me. The reason I got rid of the other set was because they were too soft. This set has spring rates at 345 in the front and 290 in the rear, which is quite a step up from the 300/250 of the basics. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the install or the coilovers installed but I do really enjoy them. They are perfect for what I want and they handle really well. My only problem with them is that since they are for an EG they don't go quite low enough. Unfortunately they stopped carrying EF coilovers just recently  Sad

I did however get pictures of after I installed them before I got the height adjusted a little.

As you can see the front is still a little bit too high.

You can't really see it but its just about right here.

I think the passenger side sits a bit higher though, I'll have to look into that.

After that I ordered a new lip. I wasn't really feeling that jetta lip. Ideally I wanted a volvo lip but I cant seem to find any of those volvo's in the junkyard so I opted for the next best thing. It's a vr6 lip, still from a jetta but much better looking IMO.

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture after I got it installed so I went out and took one today.

It's kind of hard to see but somehow it broke. Idk what happened but I got out from the store one day and saw it hanging down split on the edge.

Here's the damage and also the fix. Maybe one day If I can find a volvo lip it'll be replaced.

Then I saw this kid asking to trade an exhaust for a lip for his EF so I offered him my old lip and 20 bucks. It's only an axle back but It doesnt really bother me. My piping isn't as small as stock so it wasnt too much of a step up to fit it. I'm not sure what it is but it fits pretty well and I like the way it looks. It's also super quiet which is nice.

Here's a picture I took at the car wash with my buddy's integra.

One of the few things I saved from my teal civic is this tow hook I made up. It's a piston rod I pulled out of one of the many engines I used to build the one I put in it. I think It's pretty cool. haha

I also sold off the rack. I was pretty indifferent about it so its no big deal. Here's how the car currently sits as of today.

I picked these rims up last night for 40 bucks so I figured what the hell lol. Idk what I'm going to do with them yet but I would like to see what they look like.

aaaand last but not least I'm collecting parts up for my mpfi. Currently I have an obd1 manifold with all the injectors wiring and sensors, and I also made up the obd0-obd1 and dpfi-mpfi distributor conversion. People say you should do them seperately but it seems much easier to do it this way, also the obd1 parts are alot more readily available.
Here's the harness:

The two wires that aren't soldered are the two that need to be run to the ecu for I think the new injectors. So all I need now for that is the d15b7 distributor, ecu, ecu jumper harness, and a new 02 sensor for the total obd1 conversion. My plans are to convert the car to mpfi and also obd1. My reason for obd1 is so I can chip the ecu when I boost the car. I'm gonna boost the D till it blows up and then eventually swap in an LS or something.

lol. Love the tow hook.

Love what you've done to it
EFfin Sedan 91

Thanks guys! Sold the other wheels they were 4x114. Hoping to get everything I need for my MPFI this week, maybe get it done this weekend Very Happy
EFfin Sedan 91

Alright I made some progress!

I got a new hood since my old one was done, I also plasti-dipped it black for now since it was white.  There's a few dings on it on the passenger side but nothing too bad.

I also got a new third brake light since mine was spray painted for some reason.  New on the left, spray painted on the right.

Also got my new horn button on. Much better!

Aaaaand i got my mpfi/obd1 conversion all done. Wiring was a pain but I don't have any check engine lights and it runs great  Very Happy

EFfin Sedan 91

A few new updates...

I found some wagovan skirts at the junkyard but they didnt seem to fit as well as I remember. Maybe because they were from an 88-89.

I also made some extended top hats to go lower.

Also the clear coat on my wheels have been getting eaten off I'm guessing from the salt so I tried my hand at some polishing. Not too bad.

I finally took a nice photo of my car too!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looking good.  Always a fan of the wago skirts.

The sedan is looking good man
EFfin Sedan 91

Thanks guys!
Here's a small update Very Happy

You keeping the sohc?
EFfin Sedan 91

Till it blows  Smile

That's the spirit  Very Happy
EFfin Sedan 91

Damn I guess it's been awhile. The sedan has changed quite a bit lately and gone in a totally different direction so I'll start where I left off:

First up I decided to try out plastidip. I went with camo green and I think it took somewhere around 10 cans.

I left the hood black and love the way it came out. I'd still like a good paint job but this is good for now.

Then I decided I needed a daily so I could get some serious work done. Sort of. Here is the sedan with the daily.

Then I traded my old wheels for these:

The sedan in its new resting place with the new wheels on:

Then I decided it was time to get the sedan ready for a swap. Whenever that may be... The D needed to go anyway. It was done for.

Aaaand out.

Here's the new powerplant:

Still got a lot of work to do before I throw this thing in though.

I have to get mounts, A tranny, modify a shift linkage, finish up my wiring, an ecu, get some missing bits and pieces from the engine,
and refresh the engine with new gaskets and belts and stuff.

I'm shooting for june but I'm not thinking that'll happen because I'm on a tight budget but we'll see how things progress.

Right now I'm cleaning up the wire harness and removing all the unnecessary  stuff from the car since that's free. I need a plug for the fan switch since its no longer on the back of the block and then I'm pretty much ready to wrap the harness up. I gotta grab a bunch of random bits and pieces from the junkyard then I'm gonna start purchasing the big stuff.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff.  You know things are getting serious when you get a daily.
EFfin Sedan 91

Yeah its true! I mostly got tired of starting a project and then not being able to get to work the next day because it was unfinished. Plus I hate doing swaps and then being out of a car for a week because something went wrong.

EFfin Sedan 91 wrote:
I hate being out of a car for a week because something went wrong.

Daily/project problems.  Very Happy

89ef2 wrote:
EFfin Sedan 91 wrote:
I hate being out of a car for a week because something went wrong.

Daily/project problems. Very Happy

i can feel ur pain man, i was out 3 weeks on mine, had to drive a super pos geo with 3 diff diameter wheels and a mirror held on with silicone.

You sure put some work into that sedan its really cool you were able to save it. Thumbs up man Smile

Car is coming along nicely..

Forester is such a good daily... They're so bad on gas for a 4 cylinder though.
EFfin Sedan 91

~Sp33~ wrote:
Forester is such a good daily... They're so bad on gas for a 4 cylinder though.

It's so smooth and comfortable but you're right, coming from the civic the gas mileage on this thing is terrible  Crying or Very sad

Haven't made much progress, I'm just trying to get my parts together to get this swap done. Got a trans, distributor, T-bracket and other misc things. Money is the only issue right now. Trying to get it done before summer starts so I can enjoy it for a little while.

EFfin Sedan 91 wrote:
Trying to get it done before summer starts so I can enjoy it for a little while.

Meanwhile i'm trying to get mine done before winter so it's nice and cool haha. ɐılɐɹʇsnɐ/.
EFfin Sedan 91

Sorry guys, lacking on the updates again \_(ツ)_/
I haven't taken a lot of photos of my progress but I do have some.
I finally moved the sedan back into the garage to get the swap in. It's sooooo close to being done, all I need is a new shift linkage since the one I modified doesn't work properly. I'll probably just have to wait till I get paid and order a Hasport one or something. Other than that It just needs fluids and a pcv valve and its ready for first start up!

Anyways onto the pics.

Don't judge my welds Embarassed

Also I ended up using stock headers. Didn't wanna notch the subframe to fit that crap ebay header anyways.

Hopefully It'll be up and running within the next two weeks!

Not using that 4-1 is a good idea, they dont fit well in the EF's the deck height on the B series motors is too low and they hit the ground on everything. The tri-y style headers i think are a better choice for ground clearance, Although the 4-1 is suppose to be the best header for the top end the tri-y is good for the low end but at the end of the day if you smash it on the ground (like i did) whats the point.

4-1 header and EF dont mix Forum Index -> Project Logs
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