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alarm guru

b20 swap?

hey everyone im new to the forum and ef's but not swapped civics at all.

I bought my Ef about 6 months ago and im finally ready to swap it. im going with a b20 with an ls tranny and a 75 shot. ive read about 5 write ups of b swaps tonight and about 15 this week and every one says something different. has anyone done this swap on this board?

i already have the DA front spindles installed and the car is already running obd1 (hack job but it runs). ill be ordering my motor from for 650 shipped to my door. i just need to know what all do i need to swap out?

You'll need everything listed here.
Save yourself the hassle and buy my swap!  Laughing

Just kidding man.

You'll need:
Obviously the b20.
A cable transmission with matching flywheel and clutch.
You'll need a LS intake manifold to replace the one on the b20.
Hasport, Innovative or whatever other B series swap mounts.
DA axles.
Either Hasport or custom shortened shift linkage.
Obviously b series exhaust manifold.
OBD1 Distributor and ECU.

Since you said you have read write ups I'm sure you've read all this.
You'll also need to remove your front mount bracket from the front cross member for clearance reasons.
Along with putting a dent in the driver side frame rail right below the square hole. This is to clear the alternator pulley.

I believe that is all.
If I'm mistaken I'm sure someone will be along shortly to add to this.
alarm guru

im reading alot about having to lose my AC and PS. i see brackets on ebay for like 130 a piece. this is actually my first civic with both and i kinda want to keep them now. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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