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b18b1 ls swap in 89 4dr

soo my girl homie n i are dooing a b18b1 swap on my 89 4dr.. we got the jumper but the the swap came out a crx.. shouldnt it b plug an play?? connections in the engine bay dont clik up?? what should i do?? an wheels locked up on us now.. need help..

Oh wow. Well the crx it came out of was it an si? and the b18b1 is a obd1 motor so you have to take into account the differences and make up for them. The wheels locking up could beeee maaaybe really bad wheel bearings or stuck caliper? But the reason your clips dont match up is probably due to the difference being your civic is obdo and the swap is obd1. Did you get the harness out of the crx as well? If you use that harness, ecu, have the right dizzy and have the correct jumper harness I THINK it should work but I could easily be wrong. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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