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1991 ef sedan

B18A1 throttle body on D15B2

when i bought the car i noticed the throttle position sensor or throttle angle sensor was gone so i looked into replacing the whole throttle body.
i have a b series laying around so i was wondering if the b series throttle body would just plug in?

ive searched but all i could find was info on the z6 and y8.
i have a 1991 ex d15b2.
any advice would be appreciated!

most hondas are interchangeable i switched my dohc throttle body to a sohc vtec from a 95 civic. just check the gaskets see if the holes match. really not to sure about the d15b2. if its similar to the stock USDM d16 EX SI should bolt up good luck
1991 ef sedan

thats a negative on the b18a1 throttle body on the d15b2 Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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