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B series mounts

So im learning the hard way, buying things with little knowledge and finding out shit dont work. I have a 2000 Si motor with a 01 type R transmission.

I bought mounts from Hasport and turns out the drivers side is wrong, the motor has a 3 bolt and the mounts are 2. No idea about the rear mount, Trannie looks good though. here is a link to what i got


Correct me if im wrong, but i think there is an adapter plate that both bolt to. I like the sound of this build. Id love a type r swap

so spent some time looking into this, i need a 90-93 integra block bracket is all. to the junk yard this weekend!

Awesome!! hope you found everything. Any update?

motor is in the car as of last weekend, just started it today actually, im still putting together a build log, dont wanna post it till the car is driving down the road, but suffice to say this is no ordinary b16

What engine management are you using?

details of the p30 ecu will be in build log Smile

NOICE! I was supposed to be getting an LSV but the guy stole my money Sad . FML. Hope she does the sedan good and runs for a very very very long time haha. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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