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B-Series front engine mount

Hey guys,

So I bought an ED3 with a B16. Just want to check with others with a similar setup if they are running a front engine mount somehow or what brand/model of mounts you're using.

I'm wondering because mine was swapped with the three mounts and I find they are very stiff and the vibration is a bit much.

Do you guys recommend a fourth mount or softer mounts?


I also was unsure about that. I have a B18A1 in my sedan, and I'm not running a front engine mount. I am using innovative mounts btw.

How firm are your mounts and how are they?

My mounts are the "street" firmness, and they are okay. It doesn't move much even when I'm harsh on it.

The front mount bracket on my front cross member is completely cut off. I have hasports too. Most of the time that mount has to be atleast cut some for clearance.

Also full-race's cross member doesn't have a front mount.
You should be more than fine with hasport or innovative mounts.

So three mounts will be fine? If you want more, go with a traction bar+a front mount?

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