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Automatic transmission issue / replacement

Hey guys, new here

I just picked up a 1991 honda civic EX automatic for $500

It has some issues but the biggest is its automatic transmission

It slips / can't get into 3rd gear what so ever

the 1-2 shift is fine

2-3 it will slip badly, basically its nearly in neutral ( it will move a little but i guess thats just the clutches rubbing together creating some sort of momentum ) and 3-4 is mostly fine

It can hold 4th gear without any problems, i drove it 2 hours home like that

Anywho i was planning on doing a drain and refill tomorrow with honda ATF and clean the solenoid but i have a feeling that the gear is too far gone and i need to just replace the transmission

What do you guys think?

Is the automatic transmission from a DX/LX the same ( or will it work? I don't care about the gear ratio, if its longer that would be better anyways since all i care about is gas mileage ) or would a transmission from a 92-95 civic work?

Thanks in advance.

DX and lx will definitely work don't really know about the gear ratio
I wanna say is the same. 92 and newer will not work in your car.

U can also use 88-91 hatch back and CRX  

1.5 and 1.6 it's the same Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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