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ATTN: MID-WEST!!!! BIG carshow in Fargo,ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so heres the deal, our local shop TINTMASTERS is having their 4th annual P10(Perfect 10 Car Show). This year it is suppose to be just AMAZING!!!!!! I havent missed one the past four years. I am just trying to spread the word around the mid-west, these guys are great and so are their shows!!!! Anyways here is all the info as of right now...more updates to come!!!!!

Perfect 10 Car Show 2008 (3-11-2008)

It's done.
Deposit paid.
1 Stage.
Over 3 times the budget.
Utilizing a $1.7 MILLION dollar sound system.
Showcasing a professionally edited DVD on 4 Daktronic Screens.
Over 60,000 square feet of show space.
Every piece of lighting equipment our contracted company owns.
This show will present an experience that should put us on the national car show scene.
It is all happening and YOU are invited.

Perfect 10 2008
August 16th

This year will bring a whole new makeover for P10. We will be taking a grassroots method of advertising, and looking for the best of everything. The past P10 shows have showcased many of the same vehicles. We would appreciate the continued support from these individuals, and now have the space to obtain about 100 more cars to the show. We are looking for representatives from Minneapolis (and surrounding areas), Winnipeg, Bismarck, Minot, Sioux Falls, Bemidji, and Aberdeen to help take charge and help organize attendees for the show. We will supply you with any information flyers/posters that you need, we just need people to full heartedly distribute it. If you plan to attend any car shows/races/event over the spring or summer and would like to help talk to as many people face to face about P10, we would like to hear from you. We are currently taking applications for:

Go-Go Dancers (
Models (

Vendor Booths (
Feature Cars (
Car Clubs (
Interested in being a rep for your area? (

We understand that for interest in P10 to continue, we need to keep the show fresh. We have been studying different nationwide shows, and what makes them successful. We have just purchased a website that will give all necessary information related to the P10 show. Once the site has been finished, I will update with the location and further information.

August 16th, 2008.....Perfect 10 Car Show will invade the Fargodome. Plan ahead now.

Perfect 10 Car Show 2008 *Update* (4-7-2008)

It has been a few weeks since I updated everyone. I thought I would let everyone know a few minor details. We are working very hard on Mazda of America and Subaru of America to come be sponsors for the show. We know there will be a presence from both Lunde of Fargo and Muscatell of Moorhead, but we want something BIGGER and better than that. I should have those details ironed out in the next few weeks. Secondly, we have received amazing support from girls interested in modeling. We are still taking applications for modeling AND Go-Go Dancers. If you know of anyone interested in making some money and looking sexy at the same time, have them contact: All we require at this point is a few pictures of applicant, as well as a quite write up on what experience they have in the modeling industry. If they have never modeled before, that does not mean they will be automatically excluded from the chance to model at P10.

Lastly, I have been brainstorming ideas on how to make P10 draw more people. Something that has never been done for P10…. How about an After Party? How about an Official After Party at the hottest club in North Dakota? Well, I locked down just that. On August 16th at 9:30pm, the doors to “The Venue” will open to P10 patrons ONLY. We have the club EXCLUSIVELY for us. This will include the bottom level for dancing and 18+ and the upper level overlooking the dance floor for 21+. We have a DJ spinning the best remix’s of today, and bartenders on both floors. Forbidden bar is also exclusively ours, and will be the spot on the upper level for all alcohol beverages. Along with the 2 levels of partying, we also have 2 exclusive VIP suites. For those not from Fargo, this club rivals Myth of Minneapolis and has been tagged one of the best party venues on numerous occasions. Everyone that attends P10 (spectator or entrant) will have the ability to attend the Official After Party at the Venue!

Worried about your show car sitting outside a bar? I have arranged to have all show cars park in a roped off secure parking area with security hired to STRICTLY watch over the cars. So go inside, unwind, and PARTY! Show entrants will be able to enter the Official After Party for free, and spectators can partake for a $5 cover charge. I think this will set off the night, and make P10 better than ever!

***To gain the ability to the Official After Party, you MUST visit “The Hub” booth at the P10 show. They will give you either a wristband or card to be used to gain access to the party. If you don’t go to the P10 show, you will NOT be able to access the Official After Party! This event is NOT open to the public…meaning everyone in the Venue will be a part of the Perfect 10 Car Show. Any further questions can be directed to:

Check out “The Venue” at:

That is all for now, more to come soon!

Jason Christopherson
Perfect 10 Show Coordinator

No one from minneapolis??? wisconsin? etc.....

This will be huge guys!!!! Forum Index -> Meets/Car Shows/Events
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